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Lasting Impressions - If you are looking for creative packaging ideas and supplies, try
Lasting Impressions at www.lastimp.com or call Mary at 1-800-877-6846. They
have a wonderful program called "Packaging Pro's" where you can subscribe to receive
new gift ideas and sample packaging products on a yearly basis. Check it out. Make sure
you tell Mary you read it here.

Main Street Software - Boulevard® is a software program designed exclusively for Beauty
Consultants to automate and streamline the customer and product tracking, invoicing,
ordering and managing team and units. Boulevard runs in Microsoft Windows, taking
advantage of the ease of use and power offered by the Windows environment.
For great Boulevard® go to www.mainstsoftware.com or call 1-503-670-1310.
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Touche Inc - was started to assist you in being the very best.  Our hope is to provide you with
many of the business tools you need to make your cosmetic business a complete success.  With
our Business Products and Recruiting Supplies your beauty business will be a complete success.  
All beauty Consultants and Directors will increase their profits with these products.
Go to www.touchemk.com